Chambers Business Consulting

Chambers Business Consulting can mentor your accounting staff to improve financial reporting. Chambers Business Consulting can assist your management team in developing a strategic plan, establish business objectives, provide loan packages for bank financing, develop financial performance measures, and provide part-time CFO services to help your business meet its strategic and financial objectives.  Use Chambers Business Consulting as a part-time Chief Financial Officer. 

Chambers Business Consulting can also assist with selection, project management, and implementation and analysis of systems to improve performance and increase efficiency.  Need to prepare for bank financing for a business acquisition and need due diligence assistance, contact Chambers Business Consulting for due diligence and business acquisition assistance.  Improve your profitability measures with strategic and operational planning including assistance with vendor or labor contract negotiations.  Cash flow management and forecasting can be enhanced by developing performance measures by a part-time Chief Financial Officer (CFO).   Re-engineering, restructuring, and cost reductions are specialties of Chambers Business Consulting.  Providing the experience of broad business perspective a part-time CFO can assist your company to meet strategic and operational performance measures, provide turnaround and cost reduction strategies to meet the demands for bank financing and investors.  Experienced in multiple global companies, Chambers Business Consulting can enhance the financial reporting and performance measures by providing leadership for your accounting staff to improve and expand the financial reporting provided to assist you to manage your business to meet the financial and strategic objectives. 

Chambers Business Consulting can assist in the implementation and project management of new information technology systems to improve business performance and efficiency.  Obtaining improved financial results by utilizing an experienced part-time Chief Financial officer (CFO) can reduce your overall cost; enhance efficiency, set goals and directions for improving your current accounting staff.  Let Chambers Business Consulting help you negotiate improved contracts with vendors or your labor force.  Chambers Business Consulting can assist you in developing benefits for your employees whether health care, 401K, or other benefits.  Chambers Business Consulting can analyze and offer alternatives to reduce your business risk using an experienced part-time CFO.  Process analysis and improved financial reporting with less cost and enhanced profitability by taking advantage of the capabilities of a part-time CFO can be the most cost effective method to meet your operational and strategic objectives.  Chambers Business Consulting can help you meet those goals and provide a turnaround strategy to enable you to obtain bank financing, improve your cash flow, and profitability.